The RN Archery Association exists to support all forms of archery in the RN by the provision of facilities to shoot, contact to local clubs and regular inter and intra-service competitions.

Sometimes this is not possible as there are not very many archers in the service and even fewer who are trained as coaches or have the time to run a club at a MoD base.

Equipment loan is available for beginners that get the bug.

Association contact details can be found on the back of this leaflet.

The current rules regarding association and full membership:

Full membership:

  • Full time serving personnel in the RN, RM and QARRNS
  • Reserves working on a full-time basis for the RN, RM and QARRNS

Associate membership:

  • Dependants of full members.
  • Retired members of the RN, RM, QARRNS and their dependants.
  • Serving and retired members of the RFA, RNR, RMR and their dependants.
  • Civlians in the employ of the MoD(N) and their dependants.
  • Members of Commonwealth and Foreign Navies serving with the RN and their dependants.


The two main RN South coast archers competition take place at HMS Sultan, Hampshire. The open outdoor competition usually takes place on the first weekend of September with the indoor Competition taking place during January each year

There is now the facility to shoot at the following establishments:

  • MoD Abbey Wood (indoor only)
  • BRNC Dartmouth (indoor, Fisher Hall)
  • HMS Sultan (RN South coast Archers)
  • HMNB Clyde (Neptune Archers)

List below is a list of clubs local to establishments:

  • Nepturn Bowmen (Faslan)
  • RN South coast Archers ( HMS Sultan)
  • Bowmen of the Tors (Plymouth)
  • Yelverton bownman (Plymouth)
  • Redruth Archers (Culdrose)
  • Crowthorne Archers (Camberley)
  • Lacetown Archers ( Yeovil)